What is Quibian OS?

Quibian OS, GNU-LINUX operating system, based on Ubuntu, is a free
software and open source operating system, the first created in
Central America, currently running on desktop computers and laptop
computers . It is oriented to education, scientific research, Robotics
and software development. One of its main objectives is the
reduction of electronic pollution. It is composed of multiple softwares
distributed under a free or open source license. The developer
community, Quibian Team, actively participates in the development
and implementation of information and communication
technologies and all areas of education.

Our objetive

This operating system is intended for it to be installed on donated
computers, whether used or new, and then these computers ( with
Quibian incorporated) donate them to low-income students and
teacher, since it comes with pre-installed programs and a simple
interface easy to use, so that they can obtain their virtual training or
share their knowledge.

Our name 

The name Quibian is in honor of the indigenous king Ngabe Bugle,
who defended the Panamanian lands on the fourth voyage of
Christopher Columbus before the Spanish conquest.


Our logo

It may seem like an unusual logo, but it has an important meaning. The animal
that can be seen in the logo is a Coati or locally known as "Gato Solo". This species
is endangered in our country Panama and we wanted to use it in our logo to
raise awareness about the situation of this and other local species that are in



Email: soporte@quibian.com